Lonnie Johnson Inventor of the Super Soaker Awarded Millions In Lawsuit

lonnie johnsonLonnie Johnson Inventor of the Super Soaker awarded millions in lawsuit. Some of you may know of Lonnie Johnson, the inventor, if not I’m sure you are familiar with the Super Soaker.

The Super Soaker  was invented by Lonnie Johnson in 1988, The original name was called the “Power Drencher”. The Super Soaker took the water gun and squirt gun to a whole new level. Lonnie Johnson is an engineer by trade, as an Aerospace Engineer. The Power Drencher aka the Super Soaker was the first water blaster to incorporate air pressure into its design.

Years later in 1991 when Lonnie Johnson received his patent, the Power Drencher was renamed “Super Soaker” and the rest is history. After researching Johnson The Phoenix Unleashed uncovered some very interesting facts about the engineer and inventor.

At the age of 18, Lonnie Johnson was awarded first place in a national competition for his invention of “Linex,” a remote controlled robot made from junkyard scraps at the young age of 18. Lonnie Johnson is a graduate of the distinguished Tuskegee University where he studied on a Mathematics scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, along with his Masters in

super soakerLonnie Johnson studied at Tuskegee University on a Mathematics scholarship, and was elected to the Pi Tau Sigma National Engineering Honor Society Nuclear Engineering two years later. He also spent time in the Air Force where he was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal, and received the Air Force Commendation Medal, twice and a number of other accolades, nominations and positions.

Johnson was awarded millions after a legal dispute with Hasbro. The Hasbro Company failed to pay Lonnie Johnson royalties earned between 2001 – 2012. The disagreements began back in 2001 over his line of Nerfline toys, namely the N-Strike and Dart Tag.  Johnson also accused Hasbro of breaching a 1996 contract to pay him royalties on the Super Soaker equal to 2-percent for “three-dimensional products,” and 1 percent for “two-dimensional visual representations.”

Lonnie Johnson’s invention The Super Soaker created a revenue of over $200 million in sales.

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  1. Dang!!! Why do Black people always have to sue someone in order to be recognized and compensated for their talents and gifts? This is sickening!!! Think of the MANY Blacks that DIDN’T have enough money to wage long, drawn out court battles and are STILL broke and unknown. White supremacy is so disgusting!!

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